1. "Pussy Galore did a tour of the west coast with Tad from Seattle opening on what was their very first tour. They had a friend come along whose job was to find pot in every town … I think Jon got a kick out of the fact that his first and last name were both names for a penis. That song is musically based around Neil’s killer guitar riff."
    — 2014: Bob Bert on the Inspiration for Pussy Galore’s Dick Johnson
  2. 2014: Dan’l Boone (Featuring Neil Hagerty) - Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn

  3. 2014: Dan’l Boone (Featuring Neil Hagerty) - Cropped Out Festival, Louisville

  4. 2014: Black Bananas - Powder 8 Eeeeeeeeight

  5. 2014: Black Bananas - Physical Emotions


  6. "We don’t close out with a cover of “Gimme Shelter” or something. We’re meerschaum-pipe-smoking Tejano purists."
    — 2013: Neil on The Howling Hex

  7. "Bought with the Virgin money … sixty thousand dollars. But we
    have guns, so don’t try anything."
    — 1998: Neil on the Trux’s New Recording Equipment (Puncture Magazine #42)
  8. 1995: Jennifer Herrema by Sofia Coppola - Dune Magazine #8


  9. "It’s not like I wear costumes on stage or anything, I wear clothes that I’d wear out anywhere… I live by the beach now and mostly wear these Lacoste flip-flops with the little classy alligator dude on them, which I wouldn’t actually wear on stage. I don’t want one flying off and hitting a member of the audience in the face."
    — 2010: Jennifer on Flip-flops

  10. "Humans were wearing fur at the dawn of time… I mean, rabbits alone, come on… If no one killed rabbits we’d be up to our ears in rabbits."
    — 2010: Jennifer on Fur